What is a collapsible coffee cup?

black and white folding collapsible coffee cup

A collapsible folding silicone coffee cup is either a 12 or 16 ounce coffee cup made from food-grade silicone. The cup when unfolded for use can hold hot or cold liquids and when folded it will fit into your back pocket or purse.

blue and white folding collapsible coffee cup
blue and white folding collapsible coffee cup

Great for the environment.

Easily the simplest and the best ways to get people to make more and more environmentally sustainable changes in their lives is to make those changes as painless as possible.

Example: When ordering morning coffee, using your own reusable eco-friendly cup makes a huge difference, environmentally speaking — but many people won’t do this because carrying around an ordinary coffee cup is impractical.

Fortunately, there’s a product that took this common excuse into account, and it makes taking a reusable cup everywhere you go so easy. It’s by The Folding Coffee Cup Co. , and it’s a collapsible, reusable coffee cup.

Basically, when you’re done using it, you can just flatten it into the size of a small disk and put it into your back pocket. It’s truly that small

eco friendly folding collapsible coffee cup promotional product
eco friendly folding collapsible coffee cup promotional product

My favorite cup to travel with is the 12 ounce because it’s so small. Once I’m done with it, I usually just go to the bathroom, rinse it out, push it back into disk form, and slip it in my backpack. Thanks to the food-grade silicone material, it’s fast-drying, so the other things in my bag have never gotten wet.

When traveling and on planes, flight attendants are usually more than happy to fill up my reusable collapsible coffee cup rather than one of their plastic cups. Considering just how much waste is produced on any given flight every step to reduce it counts.

The larger size is about 16 ounces, while those plastic cups usually offered during plane drink services are about 8 ounces. In other words, you end up getting more for free. And at the airport and most coffee shops they will give you a discount or a free cup of joe for bringing your own travel cup.

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